The Beginning

I was going to start with some Britney Spears inspired banter about being sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, but was afraid the humor would be lost in the vices of the digital age.

Here’s a quick post to get the ball rolling: some pictures from my first night in Bangkok. Work got in the way of Wayne meeting me at the airport so I had a few hours to kill before he arrived. I spent them finding our hotel, sending a few emails to let people know I’d survived the journey, and sleeping. Nevertheless I was still a bit too knackered to take advantage of Bangkok’s crazy nightlife options, plus we wanted to save our energy for Wayne’s birthday the next day, so we had a casual evening of green curry and mojitos (a Thai specialty) at a place around the corner from our temporary home. Just off the notorious Khao San Road, the area was plenty lively to provide an enjoyable reintroduction to Thailand.

outdoor dining in march!

never made it around to this bar… despite the clever setup we decided they drew too young of a crowd.

debbie downers.

buying me a rose from a kid named ali… what a dear.

ali determining what drink he’d like should he beat wayne in a game of rock/paper/scissors. i think he did win, but i’m quite sure he never got his pepsi.

Well there we go. Post Number One out of the way. If there’s anything any of you would be particularly interested in seeing more of (portraits, scenery, food, whatever) in the blog please feel free to let me know. I’ve already decided I’d like to start doing more with video so we’ll see where that leads us. Anyway, if you’re reading this chances are I miss you terribly, but I’m well on my way to having the thaime of my life!


About Angela

I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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One Response to The Beginning

  1. Grandma Shirley says:

    Hi Ang really enjoying all the pictures, also jealous of not being able to have some of that nice warm weather here, I am ready for swimming in the lake, which I am afraid will be quite some time.

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