Wayne’s Birthday in Bangkok

I’ll offer a warning that at first glance this post might seem to resemble my Street Food: Bangkok post from my long way home blog. It’s true; I find the street vendors have a certain aesthetic that I can’t help but steer my lens towards from time to time, but I tried to keep at least a little variety in my subject matter!

Wayne’s big day was fairly low-key but enjoyable nonetheless. We were up pretty early (going to bed before 10 o’clock will do that to you) so were able to take in a bit of the pre-crowd-and-craziness street vibe in our area. We then treated ourselves to 90 minute herbal massages (standard Thai massage followed up with a thorough sponging down with herbal compresses… holler).

rambuttri village had an excellent koi pond

exit through the gift shop man


caught eating on the job, missy

very friendly smoothie lady impressed with wayne’s thai

artwork at the massagery

nice shirt!

An hour and a half of intense muscle kneading really does a number on one’s appetite so we beat feet to a vegetarian restaurant for which Wayne had been handed a flyer the night before. It was called Ethos and if that’s your kind of thing (even if it’s not!) check it out next time you’re in Bangkok– you won’t be disappointed. A few types of tea, coconut shake, tempeh burger, and hummus/falafel plate later we were stuffed, satisfied, and ready to enjoy our hotel’s pool for a few hours.

But not before trekking back through the now-bustling Khao San Road (where I was set to buy an, “I Love My DJ” shirt from a stand until I was treated rudely by the vendor when I tried to haggle so I left. Kind of wish I’d just sucked it up and bought the shirt for all of $3 but it was the principle.) and stopping in at a nearby temple.

scene from the veggie restaurant. the girl all the way to the left had accidentally put 10 baht (33 cents) of credit into a water machine when she only needed 1 baht to fill her bottle. good naturedly [not a word but it stays] she laughed at herself, announced her folly, and encouraged anyone around to fill their bottles on her.

always lively khao san road

the first of many gilded buddhas i’m sure to see in this land

i suppose selling incense isn’t the most interesting job in the world…

view from the pool

bathing beauties

temple we visited earlier

I’d successfully smuggled a bottle of Alamos Malbec (for all the things Thailand is known for, good wine isn’t one of them and I thought we deserved a treat, you see) in one of my suitcases, and we saw fit to enjoy it in our hotel room while making ourselves ready for the evening. We’d seen a Tapas/Italian restaurant on Khao San Road and thought it would make a suitable dinner location. When we passed this stand, though, I’ll admit we were seriously reconsidering.

love the faces on everyone around the table

silkworms or cockroaches anyone?


It was a tough decision but we ended up going with the Italian, and ultimately were happy with that choice. Pesto and mozzarella bruschetta, penne in tomato/olive/garlic sauce for Wayne, and linguine with asparagus and potato in pesto for me. Not your standard Thai cuisine but we figured we have plenty of time for that.

Then it was time for some birthday drinks to the tunes of a very talented singer/acoustic guitar player doing some covers (who cleverly changed certain lyrics to, “Khao San Roaaaaad, take me hooooome…” Ha!).

made me feel real safe in bkk

don’t judge… it was his birthday

favorite waiter

signature look

new swiss friends



did not need those tequilas

they had been such good buds the night before! i’ll venture a guess ali was either mad that wayne never came through with the pepsi ali’d won in their rock/paper/scissors battle, or that wayne had bought me a rose from a different kid this particular night. the world may never know.

All in all, a pleasant end to a pleasant day.


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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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2 Responses to Wayne’s Birthday in Bangkok

  1. Jess A. says:

    LOVE the pictures Ang! especially with Wayne and the little boy! too funny!

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