After a little research produced this little gem, we developed some understandable concern as to the reality of our flying into Nakhon Si Thammarat. The morning of our flight I awoke to this in my inbox: 

Naturally the first thing I sorted out when I called them was the fact that, despite appearances, I’m not a “Sir”; and then we were surprisingly easily able to get ourselves on a flight to the beach town of Krabi, which is only two hours from Thung Song. Our flight wasn’t until 2:45 pm, so we decided to put ourselves in the beach mood by hitting the deck by the pool one more time.

had to indulge myself with one last koi pond shot at breakfast

Then we were off (only after I impulse bought three tanktops for 100 baht– that’s a dollar a shirt!). Since we’re freewhiteandtwentyone (that’s for you Grandma) we thought we might as well give ourselves an extra vacation day and stay the night in Krabi, even though the weather was meant to be questionable. It ended up being a great decision. Had some excellent Indian cuisine for dinner, called it an early night, and hit the beach in the morning.

muay thai fighter in training

one of these things is not like the others? i later learned that there was actually a james bond island one can go to, but i was hoping upon hope that they had a spy-like expedition option you could go on.

this tree was so intriguing to me

shell collecting lady as my momentary musethis picture doesn’t really do justice to the absurdity of the dress… it had skulls and crossbones and so caught the attention of the eighteen-year-old living inside me, but it had crazy buttons and a crazy waist and crazy ties in the back. it was just crazy.

Right as we started our search for lunch Wayne’s coworker Mel called to say she had arrived for our pickup, and was also hungry. We were glad to have her (and Khum, the sister of the owner and our temporary roommate) in tow, as they were able to order us a proper Thai meal. I consequently picked up a useful phrase: aroi maak maak! (Literally, “Delicious very very.” And true to the stereotype, the “aroi” sounds very “aloi”-like.)

blurry view from the ran ahaan (restaurant)

Our drive home saw us pass many legitimately flooded areas, and we weren’t surprised to run into some heavy patches of rain. Some wooded areas appeared to be in 3-4 feet of water, with some resourceful folk maneuvering rowboats between the trees. When we arrived in Thung Song things seemed to be better, though, and we’ve only seen beautiful, sunny weather in the three days since our arrival! Makes me look forward to getting back to the beach.


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