Another Post About Motorbikes

I know it’s pretty well-worn territory, what with The Motorbike Incident and The Motorbike Diaries making a splash on my last travel blog, but what can I say, it’s the name of the game over here. And I’m really getting with the times this side (and staying true to my early promises) and have created video documentation of my latest motorbike happenings:

We’ve been a bit spoiled as it is since Wayne’s been given more-or-less free reign of a company car (a little Honda with temperamental A/C… but I guess that’s how I was born and bred right Mom and Dad?), but our spoilage increased exponentially when a friend/coworker informed us that for the next three weeks he’d be making use of his friend’s motorbike. Thus his was basically waiting for us to get on and scoot around town. It came with the caveat that it was old and made a lot of noise, but in so doing “made you feel like you were riding a real motorcycle,” so it sounded good to me.

Not so good was this whole kick start and changing gears with one’s feet business (see video if you don’t believe me), but with some expert tutelage I’d say I’m well on my way to motorbike mastery. Wayne seems to think there’s “a problem with the brakes” and sometimes it’s “hard to put in neutral and consequentially to start” which makes it “a bit frustrating when you’re trying to move it into the car port during a big rain storm so that the seat doesn’t become waterlogged on account of the tears in the leather,” but other than that it’s the bee’s knees!

Except that one time Wayne hit a nail was hit and tire flattened, drawing the attention of some policemen (who again seemed unconcerned by our criminal state of helmetlessness, the first time being when we were cruising along and I thought I’d play nice and give them a wave), and ultimately resulting in us Wayne pushing it along for 10 minutes to the gas station. There a man of the strong but silent type got to work replacing the innertube– a service that came to the grand total of 120 baht. That is, $4. Almost makes me want to get a flat tire every day of the week! (Of course, that still doesn’t hold a candle to the affordability of Chinese bike repair, but considering our tire has lasted longer than two hours without reflattening itself I’ll gladly shell out the big bucks.)

i’m pretty sure the conversation went, “here, i’ll push the bike. you take photos.”

they look amused.

the culprit

OH! And in other life news, in case you were wondering about those frivolous things in my life like employment and financial maintenance, I had my job interview today. Rather, I went to a school expecting to interview, and they asked if I had a lesson plan prepared and was ready to teach. Which I didn’t, and I wasn’t. Surprisingly there had been a miscommunication breakdown somewhere along the line, but it’s all good. I’ll go and teach the demo class tomorrow, and pretty much gave the impression that I already had the job.

I also taught two girls (named Nan and Pop?) today and actually had a really good time with it. Guess I’m really getting back into the swing of things.


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