Thung Song’s Culinary Offerings

I’d started a post I’d intended as an Intro to Thung Song, but since Wayne showed me to the afternoon market most of my pictures ended up food-related. (Surprise!)

So I thought I’d just do a food post, especially since a certain uncle of mine requested a food focus anyway, and since it gives me the opportunity to set the bar really high for myself and post my second video in as many entries. But first some market shots:

on his way

fresh coco water

haha, the coco vendor’s a cannabis enthusiast

you may think it’s a bit sketchy to buy unrefridgerated sushi off the street, and you’re probably right, but they were making it right there and it was so colorful we felt we had to give it a try

sushi makes me wonky

baby is not amused by all the sushi photo taking

strange mushy dumplings


cold rice noodle spring rolls

streetside fruit vendor

And… the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Pad Thai Paradise.

And… in the process of writing this even further food happenings occurred in that ol’ Mel opened a durian in the office. My family (and certainly others) know this simply as the ‘stink fruit,’ but it was actually pretty odorless so I’m wondering if it was quite ripe. It didn’t really taste like much and had a funny texture. Don’t suppose I’ll be running back for more, but who knows.

butcher knives come in handy in these parts i guess…

And again, on the whole life news front, taught that demo class today, it went great (can’t go wrong with animals, really). The kids were all really nice (even if it was a bit of an adjustment to teach 30 of them after having a maximum class size of 15 in China) and the lady who seems to be in charge really liked the lesson. So it seems I have the rest of the month to get a curriculum together. Guess I got my work cut out for me…


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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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2 Responses to Thung Song’s Culinary Offerings

  1. Dean says:

    Cool video…it was amazing how much stuff went into the pad thai! Good music, too.


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