I Can Die Happy

I should have been putting my camera to work for all of last night, really, since that market I posted about is considerably snazzier after-hours. I was being lazy though, and despite its eye-candy it didn’t offer a whole lot of delectable looking vegetarian options. So we decided to play it safe and head back to Old Faithful, the incredible Pad Thai stand from a few nights previous.

And thank heavens we did, for as we were waiting for our food who decided to rock up but this little (or big, I suppose) fellow!

and this picture made me kind of regret participating in the feeding frenzy, because i think our ellie friend might have a sugar problem. look at that crazed look in her eye.

i love this picture. good job wayne!

So basically I bought my little bag of sugar cane for 20 baht (66 cents) and Little Miss scooped them all up in her trunk for feeding. And there were no “Please”s or “Thank you”s to be heard… She was quite the greedy girl. At one point I think she was eating the pieces four at a time. But you can see at one point she’s flapping her ears, so I suppose that’s all the thanks I need.

We were out with one of Wayne’s coworkers who started telling us how there were more elephants in Thung Song, including a smaller one with a strobe light on its tail. We responded with more or less a, “Yeah yeah yeah…” attitude, but before we knew it there was the flashy-tailed baby elephant. What a night!

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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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