Intro to Thung Song

So yes, yesterday was Songkran, the Thai New Year celebration. It’s also known as the Thai Water Festival; ergo I spent a good portion of the day drenched and covered in paint. Anyone who knew me from the years 2005-2009 knows that my track record with electronics is far from brag-worthy (rather, when I think of it sometimes it’s all I can do to keep from bursting into tears), and though it pained me to not be able to record such a momentous occasion, I made the mental calculation that “camera+citywide waterfight=disaster” and decided to leave my camera out of the line of fire.

HOWEVER, there are others with photos and I’m just waiting on them to come by the office. So you’ll get a Songkran post, but for now I’ll just leave you with this video from Chiang Mai’s 2010 festival. Whereas little ol’ Thung Song just gets one day of festivities, the party lasts for 10 days in Chiang Mai. Something to keep in mind for next year I suppose!

Anyway since the Songkran post’s on hold for the time being I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to finally post the “Intro to Thung Song” post I’ve had lined up for a week-or-so. I found that when I’d Googled Thung Song back home Google would think I’d erred and try to send me here:

While I liked the throwback to feeling risqué at 7th grade dances and of course Sisqo’s priceless facial expression at 0:27, “thong song” was not, in fact what I meant. Rather, I was searching for the town of 146,226 that was to be my new home, located here:

I’ve already made you familiar with the fact that Thung Song’s good for motorbiking, an assortment of delicious goodies including phenomenal pad thai, elephants parading through the street, and waterfalls; here are a few other things you can see around town.

park near our temporary home

more from the park… tons of mountain/cliff formations like the one in the distance around here

the park is good for hula hooping! (that’s for you @julia villageliu!)

wayne, giving it the old college try

don’t worry, he’s practicing every day.

our temporary housemate khung (gung? khum? something i should probably know but thai people have a tendency to make all those sounds seem so similar…) and her coffee stand outside the office

just a couple of hooligans on the way back from the waterfall

footballers in the making

hanging out on the roof

not the only tough motorbikers in town

And if elephants weren’t enough, let’s not forget the other impressive fauna lurking about in our midst:

birds in beautiful cages… wayne thinks it’s a bit cruel but i’d really like one when we get our house.

cows. thung song’s very india-esque in that way.there are geckos everywhere, including on the walls of our bedroom, like these two whom we caught in the act.

scorpions! yes it’s real, yes we saw it in person, yes this makes me a bit nervous but i guess i’ll watch my step?

baby pandas. jokes, obviously, this was once a schoolyard and now has been converted into residential area. if we still don’t have a place by june (which we’re very much hoping won’t be the case) we’ll have the opportunity to rent that little house for the low low price of 2000 baht per month. (that’s $67)

And last but not least, little Mu Yong, the puppy owned by the other coffee shop lady who likes to hang out in the office. A welcome addition!

‘get me outta here!’

might just have to steal him.

Alright I guess this wasn’t a very exciting post but I needed to get it out of the way. Songkran should be up tomorrow, and Saturday Wayne and I will head to Malaysia for a visa run so I can stay in the country past 28 April. Looking forward to it.

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