Home Improvement

Progress is underway! So far we’ve:

a) Bought a bed. We can’t afford a bedroom set until next paycheck, so we just bought a cheap (albeit enormous) bed that will eventually serve as the guest bed. (Yes, guest bed! That means you! Cheap doesn’t even mean uncomfortable. And did I mention it’s enormous? Gargantuan, even.)

in a month’s time this could all be yours…

b) Finished painting our room and the kitchen. And by “finished” I mean we still want to do white trim around everything (we weren’t just lazy and careless with our painting… unlike whoever “painted” the house before and left drips all over the floor :-/).

in order to paint, we needed a ladder. and there was only one way to get it home.

i stupidly and inexplicably have no pictures of the finished room… but you get the idea?

half a bucket of creamy orange paint was left in the house so we put it to use in the kitchen. it’s actually really nice. almost makes up for the heinous tiling of the counter! what is that, puce?! (ha, i said that as a joke, but upon fact-checking i found that it is almost exactly puce)

c) Started the garden! There were insane amounts of debris scattered throughout. Initially it had been bricked over and overgrown, but our “cleaner” (the quality of whose work we’re finding more and more reasons to be less than satisfied with) “took care of it” (but managed to leave behind lots of pieces of plastic, straws, lollipop sticks, candy wrappers, condom wrappers [thankfully just the wrappers], fuses, about 100 screws/bolts/washers/other hardware, et. al). So the first step was clearing out all of that, and then we moved some of the awesome plants that were there to make room for what we think should be four rows. Anyone with gardening experience/expertise (read: Coxes!) please please please share your input, we think this is moving along smoothly but all suggestions and advice are welcome.

view from our balcony as the storm rolled in. got some nice little afternoon rain which served as our inspiration to get a start on our little garden.

rain water we collected. it’s that color because there’s roof runoff, and i rinsed off some cool stones that are in the garden. we figure it’s all going to the same place right?

we moved one of the bushes and those white leaves (elephant ears?) along the other wall. so far they’re still alive.


wayne, post gravedigging

and that’s a papaya tree! the very thing that scott-from-the-organic-shop-on-koh-samui said we should have. right there waiting for us.

after a few hours of work. to the left, outside the fence, i’ve already put down some wildflower seeds. we’ve started tomato, strawberry, and sweet pepper seeds in pots and would like to have the tomatoes there in the row along the fence. we’ve chosen those seeds to start with because that’s what was available at the target dollar spot when i picked up some supplies there (so we’ve said if they don’t grow we don’t necessarily have to blame ourselves).

another potential problem: we have snails. tons of them. everywhere. the biggest problem might be that i kind of like them!

this guy is easily my favorite though. first i named him snaily but sometimes i call him king because he’s like the king of the garden right now. (making wayne the court jester or something.)

spot the frog! his (and every other frog i see around’s) name is toady.

Not pictured: the gigantic cockroach that popped in to say hey when I was painting the kitchen one night, nor the cricket who snuck in moments later, or the slug that (just moments after that) was chilling in the kitchen sink.

Anyway, like I said, off to a good start. We’ve slept in the place twice (but have to return to Kung and Yax’s to shower and eat because we don’t have any kitchen supplies or a functional shower yet) and are heading out this afternoon to try to scrounge up some more furniture. Slowly but surely the place is coming together; in the words of Phil Dunphy, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

About Angela

I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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6 Responses to Home Improvement

  1. Pepper says:

    I think I just fell in love with your house and yard. I too have snails, none as remarkable as King and I can’t decide between friend or foe and the only place I find random screw is in my pockets and washing machine (because I refuse to learn from mistakes).

    • amcalonder says:

      Thanks! We have a long way to go but it’s nice to have a start. I took a look at your site; I’m envious of all your space! I guess we’ll take baby steps…

  2. Charity Arnold says:

    i’m a stranger who found your space and spent over an hour reading your posts. you both seem so happy. why are there? how long will you stay? i am artist, i live in charleston sc – struggling to find happiness…… (this is why i up without having been to sleep at 5:30am) i have bunnies too and came across trix’s video & continued to read. I would love to see pics of your home when it’s finished!!

  3. Charity Arnold says:

    **sorry for all the typos – i must be tired

    • Angela says:

      Glad you enjoyed it :). We’re teaching here at least through the spring but maybe for another year beyond that (I mean, we’ll have put all the work into the house right?). Thanks for stopping by and hope you find that happiness you’re looking for– I think raising bunnies is a good way to start!

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