Our First Thai Wedding

On Friday Wayne and I had the pleasure of attending our first Thai wedding. The sister of the girl who works at the coffee stand with Wayne’s boss’s sister was getting married, so naturally we were invited. (Not to rival the time we were invited to our tour guide’s friend’s brother’s [or whatever] wedding in Jaipur.) International wedding crashers anyone? [Apologies to those to whom I’ve already told that joke.]).

Admittedly, we see Nam (coffee stand girl) almost every day since the coffee stand is right in front of Wayne’s office, and her family is good friends with Yax’s family and we’re like Yax’s honorary Thung Song children, so the connection wasn’t that convoluted. We asked what we could expect at the wedding and were told, “Eat eat eat eat eat.” That wasn’t so far off.

getting ready to head off in style

decked out bridal car and food tents

all this for five people, with more to come.

me with nam, sister of the bride

wayne, mel-the-secretary, fon-the-bride, the bride’s mother, yax’s mother-in-law, and the owner of the gun shop next to the school (i wish that was a joke)

neung and fon

getting married is the new get-rich-quick scheme i hear

there was some serious karaoke going on… unfortunately the only english songs were ‘happy birthday’ and something by m2m so i’ll have to brush up on my bad norwegian pop before attempting to seize the stage.

mel, the mother-in-law, and the gun shop owner bailed, leaving the two of us looking like gluttons until yax, kung, and gabor arrived

which they did in style

when i showed kung she wasn’t smiling she demanded a do-over

your bartender this evening

guest of honor

Even when the rest of our crew had gone, we decided we’d like to see what the vibe was like in the evening. Quite a few people ended up coming, eating into the late hours of the night; the karaoke stage stayed busy; some people took to dancing. I understand there had been an actual ceremony earlier in the day that we had missed. But yeah, for the most part the event had been described quite accurately: a full day of eating.

Because I wouldn’t feel right leaving you wondering how our garden is coming along (since I know you were wondering), here’s a quick rundown:

complimentary rose bush: not so good. the flowers anyway… the bush itself seems to be hanging in there.

other flowering tree: good! it’s flowered!

sprouts: excitingly good. top middle is a spring onion from the grocery store whose roots i through in some soil just to see what would happen and it shot right up. on either side are seedlings from market tomatoes that have also surprised us. the first two on the second row are the target-dollar-spot-sweet-peppers that have finally decided to stay hello, and the target-dollar-spot tomatoes that were the first to come up but haven’t made much progress. on the bottom we’ve got strawberries and a mystery pot (we should really start labeling).

purple flowers from the side of the road. i would love for this to make vines all over the gate.

little bush from the side of the road. not sure if it’ll survive but we’ll see. also notice the tree in the back is starting to recover a bit!

aaaand… say hello to our latest home addition. a fridge! thanks to a little help from our families we can now keep things cold at home.

and, because we had all the ingredients we made a pizza as an hors d’oeuvres (can i make that singular? whatever.) for the dinner our friends jack and grace had last night. it turned out well so i had to take pictures– and after the dinner we’ve been inspired to use our oven for bread and fish as well.


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