I’m pleased to announce the arrival of the latest ray of light in my life: a little grey bunny named Trix. Wayne and I both love animals and already have names picked out for fictional dogs that we may or may never actually get. A pet has been a long time coming, but we’re too busy for dogs, I’m allergic to cats, and birds and fish are nice but not so cuddly. A little rabbit seemed like just the thing.

After talking about it for ages, a few days ago Wayne declared, “I think it’s time to get that bunny!” So we headed off to a convenience store, where we were sure we’d seen caged bunnies in the past. Though there were indeed caged bunnies in the front of the store (and why shouldn’t there be?!) the lady refused to sell us the two darling floppy-eared yellow-brown ones that we instantly fell in love with. This confused us, so we called a friend to translate. Turns out in addition to the selling of cool drinks and packaged goodies, the proprietor turns to the breeding of rabbits for secondary income. We were forced to bid Flopsam and Jetsam (Disney shoutout with a rabbit twist… would still like to use that one day) a tearful goodbye.

But all’s well that ends well! The next day Nam (the sister of the bride) showed me a shop in town that was actually selling rabbits, and my heart took a liking to this little grey vision (blurry because my camera chose the cage as a more worthy subject):

She was active and lively and when I brought Wayne he agreed she was the pick of the litter. We negotiated 400 Baht for the bunny and cage ($13.33) and set off, hoping the ride home on Yax’s motorcycle wouldn’t cause her to die of fright.

trix’s wild ride

Well we made it home safely and then spent the afternoon watching her hop around, eat, and clean herself. We let her check out the garden a little, and oohed and ahed over just about every little thing she did. Don’t let anyone tell you bunnies are boring animals! She’s cute as a button, super soft, and is really enjoying all the space she has to herself (we let her run loose in the kitchen). We were having trouble deciding on a name for her (my initial idea, way back when, had been Kudzi, which means “pants” in Chinese, and I used to always get it confused with Tudzi, which means “rabbit.” But it didn’t really suit her).

Then I saw her little white tail and realized she looked just like Peter Rabbit. Except, upon looking up that picture I’m reminded that Peter is brown, so my whole reasoning is kind of off now. Anyway I thought, “What about Beatrix? Like Beatrix Potter who wrote Peter Rabbit?” Also like Koningen Beatrix of the Netherlands; also a variation of Beatrice, muse of both Dante Alighieri and Lemony Snicket. I had a lot of reasons to be partial to the name. Plus it can be shortened to Trix, which seems all too appropriate for a rabbit, plus ideally she’ll be able to do tricks soon. She can already jump up and down the step to get in and out of the house. Good girl!

getting sleepy


So basically I love her and I hope she’s not making too much of a mess in the house right now. If she’s not I have some delicious pineapple waiting for her in the fridge.


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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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4 Responses to Trix

  1. Sam says:

    your. bunny. is. awesome.

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