House: The Finding

I’ve been making promises of a video about our house experience for awhile, so here you go. It was getting long (go figure) and a finished product of the whole thing won’t be ready for awhile (since our house won’t be ready for awhile) so I decided to make two videos: The Finding and The Fixing. The first shouldn’t have taken this long but it did, so here you are:

As I mentioned on Facebook, if you only care about our actual house skip to 6:33. But you might miss a few laughs (I hope!) in between.

Also, talk of the world ending today… Don’t really buy it but in case the crazies (tongue in cheek, tongue in cheek) are right I love you all and the wild ride we’ve had together! See you on the other side, man ;).


About Angela

I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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