Beatrix L. de Villionder’s Small Screen Premiere

Not only is she bound to be Thailand’s newest YouTube sensation, as of 5 seconds ago she has a mystery middle initial and last name of finest portmanteau. Wayne doesn’t even know about these things yet!

In case you missed it in one of the fifty million times I’ve posted and replaced it on facebook, here’s some clips of little Trixy’s first week at home set (not after a few small trials) to the melodic tunes of “Skokiaan” by Louis Armstrong (for any of you who were wondering just what I was talking about in the 2010 Calonder Christmas letter).

The original soundtrack was supposed to be “Absolutely Sweet Marie” by Bob Dylan, and I’m a little peeved I’m able to provide that link because YouTube shut me down for using it (something about “copyright violation”), but MrHitmewithaflower seems to have slipped through the cracks. Anyway both were kind of random decisions but “ASM” ended up being fitting because there’s a “jump” reference in the first line (and she’s a rabbit, get it?), and then at the end when she’s behind the motorbike tire he says something about being in jail and I thought it was so apropos and then… Well I don’t suppose I have to spell it out for you. But “Skokiaan”‘s nice too!

Though I’ll admit the original original soundtrack is a bit racier, ergo, not blog-front-page appropriate. But if you prefer Geto Boys and the melodic sounds of “Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta” (made famous by Office Space), proceed.

Oh and in “life news,” getting ready to take the pun out of my blog title and have a regular ol’ time of my life at home for a week for the Gilchrist-Villageliu matrimonial shenanigans! But not before I finish two weeks’ worth of lesson plans and resources for my classes, pack, teach two hours tomorrow, take an 11 hour bus to Bangkok, find my way to the airport, twiddle my thumbs for a few hours, fly to Tokyo (exposure to radiation=superpowers, yes?), and then cross the Pacific and entire North American continent. On that note… I’d best get off the blog.


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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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