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Koh Lanta

I know we’re coming up on this being a week overdue, but between actually having to work this week (including one full day of Spelling Bee fun) and not having internet at the house it’s hard to fit blogging into … Continue reading

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New Things

Item 1: A new video. I’d initially mentioned I’d do my house video in two installments: The Finding and The Fixing. Really, it will be three… but who knows when The Finishing will be ready. So if you missed the first, you … Continue reading

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The Naming of Things (and More Thairobics!) (Now with More Photos!)

If you haven’t heard me lament about it enough, I have close to 500 students. Okay, just checked my rosters… perhaps my laments have been a bit exaggerated. There are only 430 of the little rascals. But in either case, … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Long Time…

I shouldn’ta left you without a dope beat. I apologize for my absence and promise that, in the coming week, I will have a very worthy post thrown together.  It’s just that after lots of running around before going home, … Continue reading

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