It’s Been a Long Time…

I shouldn’ta left you without a dope beat.

I apologize for my absence and promise that, in the coming week, I will have a very worthy post thrown together.  It’s just that after lots of running around before going home, which segued nicely into lots of running around at home, and then lots of paper grading AND running around upon my return to Thailand (with only 50-or-so hours on buses and planes in between, and a few more spent in airports for good measure; and I’m really not even upset about it because I got to enjoy a Paul Giamatti film, Glee, and Never Say Never [no regrets!] on said planes, and real-live Japanese sushi in said airports) I haven’t had a ton of time to pull up the ol’ WordPress.

But I do think the journey home deserves a brief tip of the hat (especially since I have a bit of free time on my hands since my first class was spontaneously canceled for a school-wide sing-along in preparation for “Teacher Respect Day,” for which three more classes will be canceled on Thursday), if only to pay homage to the truly lovely wedding ceremony of my dear friends Ryan and Julia.

mr and mrs gilchrist

The wedding itself was just gorgeous, and the weekend was stupendous. Even after just two months away it was great to see everyone, friends and family, and to be a part of such a happy occasion. Congratulations again to you both, and I can’t wait to hear about the luna de miel in sunny España! (You can see more pictures here.)

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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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