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Oliver S. de Villionder’s Small Screen Premiere

Not wanting to have him feeling left out, I’ve bestowed upon little Ollie a mystery middle initial and solidified his sibling-ship with Trix with a last name as well. (I was going to try out Calondilliers but I thought that … Continue reading

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Overdue Updates

Long story short: we painted our kitchen orange, finally got a decent bedroom set, AND (and this is a bit exciting) I’m in the process of purchasing my first vehicle! Oooooh: (it actually turned into a bit of an ordeal… … Continue reading

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Shots from Around Thung Song (with an Unsurprising Emphasis on Food)

I suspect this will be a post of few words (though you can never be certain). I know a few of you (read: Mom) are awaiting a Koh Phangan post, but I went the safe route and captured the weekend … Continue reading

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Morality Camp (and… Introducing Ollie!)

Ha, I realize this title sounds like something right out of the Hitlerjugend, or maybe just something Jerry Falwell would have headed up when he was still kicking. “Morality Camp” (as it was roughly translated to me) in Thailand means … Continue reading

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The “No” Vote

When I was back home for the wedding I heard lots of muttering about meeting in DC for the Fourth of July weekend. Try as I might, I wasn’t able to convince anyone to hop on over to Bangkok for the … Continue reading

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Garden and Rabbit Updates: July

Since I have my first free Saturday in awhile, I thought what better way to spend it than first at Café Amazon (they needed an exotic, tropical name to distract from current surroundings I guess. And I’ll probably use that … Continue reading

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