Garden and Rabbit Updates: July

Since I have my first free Saturday in awhile, I thought what better way to spend it than first at Café Amazon (they needed an exotic, tropical name to distract from current surroundings I guess. And I’ll probably use that joke again when I post the next round of “Life in Thung Song” pictures, a collection I’ve been compiling for the past few weeks, just so you know.) and then at our favorite restaurant next to our house, indulging in a little Som Tam, and using their internet. Today is not the day for Thung Song photos, however. Instead you get the latest on our gardening endeavors, and some gratuitous pics of little Trix (who’s actually not so little anymore).

I brought back organic seeds from the States and we have all kinds of things going these days! Peas, cilantro, two types of basil, watermelon, lime, tomatoes, sesame, peppers, beans, cucumbers. It’s exciting. And particularly exciting is that we took the big step of moving those last two to one of the graves beds we’ve Wayne’s had working out front for some time. Our soil seems very clay-y so he’s mixed in some potting soil, let old leaves and grass decay into it, and some of our compost is looking pretty healthy so we’ve thrown some of that in as well (I think? In reality I mostly photograph rather than “do” “anything.” Spoiler alert: I’ve got a really cool [hopefully!] time lapse project coming up, but it probably won’t be ready for months, when the plants have actually matured). The beans and cukes shot right up and we determined them ready for the big move.

wayne did the beans

i was in charge of the cucumbers


apparently i didn’t give the proper pest-repelling incantation, however, or simply don’t have a green thumb, for they’re being devoured :(. we have some dill going around the bed, which is supposed to ward off certain pests, so hopefully that comes up in a timely manner.

wayne’s beans, on the other hand, are coming along marvelously! i think we have 9 or 10 plants going now.

he even constructed this nifty thing so they have something to grow on

Unfortunately, after desperate and valiant attempts on Wayne’s part, our dear papaya tree we were lucky enough to inherit bit the dust. He suspected it had some kind of disease and, not wanting to infect the other plants (and also because it was becoming a bit of an eyesore), he decided to get rid of it. On a good note, papaya is allegedly very easy and quick to grow (though only female trees produce fruit, I’ve learned) so we’ve also got some papaya seeds working and we’ll see what happens with that.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, pictures of dear Beatrix. As you can see by the size disparity, some of these are a bit old. And it would seem that whatever spinachy-lettuce thing she’s been devouring makes for a big, healthy rabbit! I feel like she’s gigantic now. I want her to stay a tiny baby bunny :(. But I still love her. Who am I kidding… I know you’ve all scrolled down to the pictures and that no one’s even reading this anymore.

oh good, eating compost again.


of facebook fame


dj bunny beatz, ya hurrrrrd?

i call this her fish pose, which reminds me of the runaway bunny (go to 0:16)

get it?! (also, when did trix stop being in the shape of fruit? what is this foreign, spherical, sweetened, fortified corn substance?!?!?!)

Speaking of cute… holy precious puppy roaming around this restaurant (it happens in Thailand). If only I wasn’t too lazy to grab my camera. And if only he didn’t sound like a person being strangled when he barked.

Alright, time to head home and then hit the shops– we’ve been paid and have decided we deserve better than a flimsy metal bed and spring-laden mattress!


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3 Responses to Garden and Rabbit Updates: July

  1. Sam says:

    zomg i love beatrix.

  2. Dean Calonder says:

    I don’t ever remember Trix cereal being in the shape of fruit. Goombah!



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