Shots from Around Thung Song (with an Unsurprising Emphasis on Food)

I suspect this will be a post of few words (though you can never be certain). I know a few of you (read: Mom) are awaiting a Koh Phangan post, but I went the safe route and captured the weekend on this ancient apparatus known as a “disposable camera,” and it’s the strangest thing, but one actually must wait before sharing all the photos one takes on such a device. So I’ve had these uploaded for awhile, just waiting for opportunity to strike and allow me to post them, and I think that opportunity has arrived.

Just a collection of random shots around town I’ve been compiling for the past month or so. Enjoy!

i like most everything about thailand, but i love the fruit. front left: mangosteen. front right: rambutan. back right: durian. back left: not sure!

close up of the mangosteen. a bit of a discouraging exterior, but once you get inside and reach the soft, juicy, delicately tangy flesh it’s worth it. the thai word is mankut

they may look like koosh balls but they’re a sweet lychee-like fruit known as rambutan. in thai, they’re ngoh. and notice these and the mangosteen go for under a dollar a kilo! unbeatable.

dragonfruit. these ones are a bit like kiwi (possibly from the texture provided by the tiny seeds throughout) and though they all have the same spiny pink and green skin, the insides come in two varieties i’ve seen: a more subtle white, and a shocking fuchsia that’s a bit sweeter.

everyone’s favorite: the mango. these were a gorgeous yellow, but you can also find green ones that i was surprised to find were perfectly ripe.

because children are so impressionable and do so well with sugar, i suppose it’s unsurprising that outside most schools around quitting time are all these vendors selling quirky confections. these particular ones camp out outside wayne’s school.

artsy pancakes: not just for the dutch anymore

feel like it’s fine

every night the city center becomes a night market

wayne, me, emma, and eva on our way to dinner. when in thailand…

in thung song’s singular club… the grand southern

no one ever plans to seek the shade of a broken down back-hoe trailer, sometimes it’s just the most comfortable place

pickup beds: not just for people anymore


the place with free wifi near my house, you know, the one they had to name something exotic to make up for the drab surroundings

daybreak on the ranch

not a whole hell of a lot younger than some of the kids i’ve really seen driving

magazine at amazon with the tagline ‘one weekend is better than two of something else.’ preach!

Well there you have it. A post of few words and too many pictures.

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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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