Overdue Updates

Long story short: we painted our kitchen orange, finally got a decent bedroom set, AND (and this is a bit exciting) I’m in the process of purchasing my first vehicle!


(it actually turned into a bit of an ordeal… first we ran out of paint, then the second batch we bought didn’t seem to match, but we were able to use different coats to make it look at least presentable.)

can see the contrast with the colors in the other rooms (including a little orange and blue action)




(14,000 baht [$470] for it all including the mattress, which was on special, and our bed was actually an upgrade as well since they only realized as they were getting ready to deliver that they didn’t have the one we’d asked for in black. shweeet! and now we get to actually sleep in the room with the balcony.)

blew up a photo i took at ayutthaya last fall for the wall. more to come!

And finally… we’re buying a motorbike! Up until last week we were lucky enough to have either Yax’s cousin or David lend us transportation. But the well finally ran dry and, as we’ve become quite dependent on motorbike transport, it was time to start looking to buy or rent one. We kind of had to make a quick decision, so when we found this for 16000 baht ($530) we decided to go for it. It seems to be in good condition (it has a guarantee and we wanted something that would be able to take us long distances; allegedly this one can) and it had an irresistible seat cover:

if tom&jerry give it the thumbs up, it’s good enough for me! (it was the icing on wayne’s cake for sure.)

black beauty, in all her glory

or, when i’m feeling a bit less PC, she’s ‘little blacky.’ (as an homage to eithertrue grit“, of course… racist)

Speaking of little black things, I know you’re just itching for more pics of the pup. I’m working on his video as we speak. And, coincidentally in my iGoogle “WikiHow” widget this morning was this article: How to Understand and Help Prevent Black Dog Syndrome. Apparently black dogs are discriminated against at pounds! Such foolishness.

i apologize for all of these pictures being of him sleeping, but it’s pretty much all he does when he’s not eating or making dinosaur noises.

oh there’s his sweet face. like a little bear!

But wait!— you’re thinking– What about that other… grey-er… naughty thing you have hop-hop-hopping around your house?

Yeah, she’s still around.

loves the dustpan/broom for some reason

wearing her food

this is normal behavior for rabbits, right?

I started this post a few days ago and in the elapsed time we’ve taught Ollie to drink from a saucer and an hour ago I heard I was only teaching two days this week (Satree Sports Day[s] later in the week… should be interesting). Life is good?


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