Koh Phangan v 2.0

Finally! Only two weeks after our return. Because of this, I’m going to try to mince words here and just get around to posting the pictures from my disposable camera, which I photographed stuck up to my fridge with the fun magnets I bought at Target when I was home. So artsy, I know.

Two minibus rides and a ferry found us in Koh Phangan (via Nakhon Si Thammarat and Don Sak) after about… five or six hours of traveling (Also, on that map, I just noticed a Thung Tako, which I have a strange urge to check out now)? When I was here in September Laura and I stayed on a beach about 10 minutes from the main party beach, Haadrin, and we decided this would be a good idea again. Haadrin’s fun but really crazy and it’s nice to have a bit of an escape. So we stayed at Phangan Lodge on Baan Khai instead and had no regrets about it.

I didn’t pick up my disposable camera until Day Two, so our initial evening of incredible pizza and bruschetta followed by taking it easy with a few beers on the beach by our lonesomes went uncaptured, as did our morning of snorkeling on Day Two, since I only purchased the camera afterwards. We’d rented a motorbike and taken it to the north and northwest of the island, which is where the reefs are located. Unfortunately the surf was a bit choppy and we were warned that it probably wasn’t the best idea to enter. But a mix of hubris and carpe diem mentality got the best of us and we went for it. The water was too murky to see much, my cheap mask kept flooding, so I blindly started swimming in. I was to find out this is a really good way to graze the entire top of one’s foot on coral, making the following two weeks less than comfortable.

hard to see in this picture but wayne’s also injured: he stubbed his index toe fairly severely as i was in the process of buying the camera. i think we fell into the very small minority of damaged people on the island (of which there was an astounding amount) whose wounds occurred in a state of complete sobriety.

view from our lodge. the samui side of the island gets some rather low tides. very peaceful though.

it’s hard to justify flora pictures when you have a limited 27 shots, but i really liked this flower and overestimated the camera’s focus capacity

on the way to haadrin… a trek that is quite terrifying on a motorbike on account of the long, steep hills.

given the treacherous nature of the ride between haadrin and baan khai, we knew driving back after a night on the town was out of the question. but we also knew hooligans might prove hazardous to a bike unattended overnight. finding a safe place to park took some creativity, but paid off in the end.

on haadrin beach

i was inspired by some graffiti in a beachside bar, it would seem

on our way to meet a friend from thung song (well… from england, working in thung song) at the secluded haad yuan– only reachable by boat!


eden: the most secluded bar on the most secluded beach. definitely worth a visit.

well look who i found! and wearing the same wrap (different color) i might add…

impromptu twister is always a good idea, especially when the dots are painted on the floor

representing the ol’ TS

our adopted crew for the weekend

day three presented much better snorkeling conditions! saw loads of fish and three giant clams.

love driving past temples and spotting awesome monkeys hitching rides on pickups…

always fun to find a bucket vendor brandished with your name. ‘same same but better’ haha!

so as it turns out night is not the ideal time for disposable camera use, but in case you were wondering, yes, that’s a child playing with fire.

when in rome…

wayne’s little face and the namesake of the fine party we were attending

if you’re asking yourself the question, ‘why is there a cow?’ i’m here to suggest that the more appropriate question is, ‘why wouldn’t there be a cow?’

And… that’s actually the last I have of the whole affair. I guess I was too busy having my arm painted/shakin my groove thing to some crazy drum&bass/making sure to keep track of my belongings to remember to whip out my camera as often as I could have. And while many (all?) of our crew raged until sunrise, Wayne and I were the lame-o’s who called it a night at the ripe hour of 4 am. Guess I’m getting old.

Monday made for long and frustrating travels back to Thung Song but we arrived in one piece, no worse for the wear. And I still had a handful of pictures to use up so I took this gratuitous animal shot:

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5 Responses to Koh Phangan v 2.0

  1. Sam says:

    all i could think about while reading this post was “the beach” by alex garland. have you read it??

    • amcalonder says:

      i have not. is it the book the movie of the same name was based off? because i haven’t seen the movie either, but i might be going to the island where it was filmed soon.

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