Those Who Can’t…

Well, you know the rest. Perhaps some of you saw this little morsel on your ‘feeds (ooh… unintended food imagery. I’m hungry?) earlier today:

wow, is that really tacky? am i breaking all kinds of blogging etiquette? i’m not just quoting myself, i’ve actually taken a screen shot of my own wall? well, you see… i almost never miss an opportunity to take a screen shot. i really like doing it for some reason. and i probably would have worded the story exactly the same way, so i thought i might as well do it this way. and then provide an unnecessarily long (probably just straight-up unnecessary, actually) explanation about it.

Anyway, but that’s a pretty good summary of how my [professional] life has been lately. Teaching starts wearing on me, and wearing, and I do the whole weighing out the “It’s allowing me to be in Thailand and have this cool adventure…” against “But I’m really not sure I can do this for much longer…”, and then something kind of funny or rewarding happens and I decide to stay on the horse. I guess this post is just a collection of a handful of other images/instances that represent those revitalizing moments. Or just random funny things I’ve seen around the school.

First, a list I compiled of funny quips from tests I gave a few months ago. Most were from the “Write Your Biography” section.

  • And my future plans is vet because I love animal. And when the animal die, I will very pity.
  • I like banana but I’m not monkey.
  • Nurse is my idol but not superman but nurses help people when people have accident.
  • How to play football: The first; find the good ground. The second; wear the soccer shoes. The third; your heart must not scared. Last to do; play football happly.
  • You shouldn’t forsake your homework.
  • Finally I read a book about fat. So I became fat. And perfect girl.
  • My interests are tennis and seafood.
  • I am king and fun man.
So that was all good and fun, but then I saw these pieces displayed in the halls.
who knew chicago was such a mystical land? and home to tropical species?
‘the good lie’… i’ll put a transcript in a comment you can see if you click to see the enlarged photo.
pardon the reflection… i’m not really sure why this gets me so good but it does.
this transcription i can provide right here, right now:
mr. doobidoo,
request the pleasure of the company of
king and queen of the heatbeat island.
at the fancy party.
at 9:00 p.m. on sunday, october 31
at the mysterious voodoo of the magic island.
r.s.v.p. tel. 00-1001-999 dress: fancy
what can i say? it says ‘fancy’ twice (which calls to mind a very nostalgic reba mcentire song), and is also addressed to mr. doobidoo, which reminds me of one of my subtle but favorite parts of the jungle book (scroll to 10:00 in that video, kudos if you already knew what i meant.)
Then, of course, there are the countless things that adorn the halls and walls for inspiration, instruction, and decoration purpose only.
words to live by.
‘life is too short for you to cry. let do best thing today. tomorrow… never comes.’ a bit fatalistic but i see your point. spot the santa.
how about an entire christmas display that’s been up for the entirety of this may-september term? or the fact that david’s currently been handed the script of a thanksgiving play to get underway in the next few weeks?
and we mean it!
this, left over on the board in a classroom i stumbled into. the same classroom, actually, into which, after hearing a strange song to the tune of ‘when the saints go marching in’ overandoverandover, i peeked and saw on the overhead a lesson on ‘making a bowel/number two/pooh [sic]’. still have no idea.
or how about the latest addition to the foreign language staff room? the nap corner: for when resting one’s head on one’s desk just won’t cut it.
And, since I know you were waiting for them, gratuitous shots of the pets.
on the table cian gave us upon his departure. happy trails mr greaney! trix and ollie will definitely miss you (though as you can see, trix likes the gift).
sometimes i sleep out of my bed.
sometimes i sleep in my bed.
and sometimes i’m awake with my one floppy ear, just endearing to you to take me out so i can use your kitchen floor as my toilet and your ankles as my chewtoys.

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I'm not actually a sleeping monk (though if I had my druthers...).
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2 Responses to Those Who Can’t…

  1. Sam says:

    AHAHAHAHA i think i died laughing reading this post and went to engrish heaven.

  2. msmouse7 says:

    What a wonderful post full of laughter and hope. Thank so much for sharing and please continue to do so. Ollie is getting bigger and still the cutest, especially with the ear flop. Is he trying to be like Trix; you know, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail?

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