Weekend in Surat

Sometime last week Wayne and I got a message from our friend Emma (who had also encouraged us to join her at Koh Phangan however long ago) saying that she and the girls with whom she’d been hanging out at KP were going camping on a deserted island that weekend and we should join. The adventurous side of me was screaming, “Count me in!” but that annoying-yet-ever-present practical side had some, well, practical questions. Does anyone have camping gear? How are we getting there? How “deserted” is “deserted”? There didn’t seem to be any answers for the questions, and Wayne’s lungs/mucous membranes seemed intent on suffocating him so initially it looked like we might gracefully bow out.

And, understandably, Wayne did (especially considering that the gender count was considerably tilted in favor of females, in that initially there seemed to be no other males on the guest list. I say “seemed” because it was, in fact, orchestrated by a guy, and he had some mates in tow, but we didn’t know this at first). Bow out, that is. But after a bit of arm twisting and ‘hush-hush’ing the practical side, I thought maybe making myself scarce for the weekend and allowing Wayne some bed rest might not be the worst idea. Plus I felt overdue for an adventure.

After school on Friday Emma and I took the two-hour minibus to Surat Thani (where the other girls live; conveniently a port city with easy access to a number of islands) where we met up with the girls and indulged in all a bigger city has to offer in the form of excellent Italian fare. As it turned out we had pretty much nothing that camping required, and were starting to worry we might have to hunt and kill our own food for survival if the island was indeed deserted. Still, we felt that if the weather held up we’d figure something out.

a little rain can't stop us from having a beach party!

But the weather didn’t hold up. I was awoken at 6 am by rain, and it was relentless. It was decided that camping would have to wait, and instead spent the day entertaining ourselves indoors. By night there was a party at the house of one of the many other farang in town, and it was the largest gathering of fellow foreigners I’ve seen in a long time. It was cool though, definitely felt the ‘small world’ phenomenon upon meeting a girl who’d worked at my school here in Thung Song and a guy who knew many people who’d gone to Dear Ol’ UVA. In a way it was almost like being back home. (Same same but different.)


back of a songtail

in the minibus station coming home... a monk engrossed in a muay thai match

and smoking a cigarette.

In spite of the rain I did get a chance to do some walking around/photo snapping in Surat, as evidenced by the steady stream trickling throughout this post. This weekend a fully recovered Wayne and I (and Jack and Grace, I believe) will be heading to the other big town around here (and capital of the province) Nakhon Si Thammarat, since we figured it’s a shame we’ve only seen the inside of immigration offices there.

Oh, and this got left out of my last post. A sample of Wayne’s medication:


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