Night in Nakhon

I’d intended this to be a little addendum to my last post, but that one ended up being a bit overwhelming in length without any addenda, so let me just squeeze this in before pinning up all the cute, creative, and sometimes confusing poems I’m being handed in spades by my students.

Our friend David, whom we met on the bus to Koh Phangan way back when, and who visited us in Thung Song a month ago-or-so, told us the night of September 2 might be a good time to come see him in his home of Nakhon Si Thammarat. His reasoning was that there would be live music (the absence of which in Thung Song we’ve been known to lament) at a local reggae bar, where we were also welcome to sleep in one of the abundant hammocks if we didn’t feel like booking accommodation.

Jack and Grace were also down, but crushed our dreams of hammock-cradled slumber by saying they had a Thai friend in Nakhon who’d be able to find a nice affordable hotel for us. The four of us hopped on the mini-bus at 5:30 on Friday afternoon, and were in our province capital in an hour. Pak, the Thai friend, picked us up, and after a quick check-in at the hotel we scooted off to Lifestyles.

Believe it or not, the presence of Mexican food was one of the biggest things people would mention when outlining reasons to go to Nakhon, and apparently Lifestyles is the place to get it. Perhaps even more unbelievable is the fact that my shrimp fajitas were damn good. David was also there, and before we knew it we had a whole table of farang who were in town for the event. When we finished eating it was off to the Full Moon Bar.

oh, this guy showed up to dinner as well.

yeah, elephants pretty much frequent restaurants all the time around here

David had made it seem like it would be kind of an Open Mic kind of deal and had encouraged me to play, but when we arrived there was a pretty good band going at it and my performance anxiety kicked in a bit. David did take the stage afterwards and did a good job. He was followed briefly by a very flamboyant ladyboy named Fantasy who just did an interesting interpretive dance before she was replaced by a Thai reggae band.

part of the decor, which we found fit to have a photo shoot on

david jammin’ away

hard to see but that dark specter is fantasy

jack, practicing looking american for his upcoming trip

Apparently Nakhon Si Thammarat has a really cool temple that’s worth seeing, but we instead chose to dedicate the next day to it’s famous mall, Robinson Ocean. And more specifically, to the big Tops grocery store in the mall. But we got some rye flour that’s been good to us on two occasions and, at the former South Korea residents’ suggestion, some kimchi, which was good to us on one occasion. Then we came home.

Oh and I guess I might as well throw in a little life news… Ollie’s gotten new housing arrangements. Whereas once he was a prisoner to our downstairs bathroom (and… not a very good one. Or should I say, his jailers were pretty incompetent because on occasion we’d come home to [see left]). Since we were just going for a night we decided to try our luck keeping him outside, with enough food so as not to starve him. We were prepared to come home to all the vegetables destroyed and a giant mess of anything he could make a mess of, but he did really well! And now whenever we come home there he is, waiting at the gate.

Speaking of vegetables… We finally got some! A handful of “mellow yellow” beans that managed to avoid the predation of Trix and other garden scavengers, which we didn’t even eat properly but were covertly blended into a smoothie by Wayne. And, some really lovely lettuce that has served us well so far on mushroom burgers, mock chicken wraps, and in a salad last night. Maybe I’ll start food blogging after all.

Other garden and house updates… more orchids hanging from our courtyard lime tree, another photo blown up for the kitchen wall, and a cute little bonsai that will hopefully last better than the one I had in China.

And of course… the few stock animal shots.

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