Thai Toast

I’ve mentioned a few times that Wayne keeps encouraging me to start posting some of our kitchen endeavors to the blog. While I’m pleased to say that we eat pretty well at home, much of what we do is just taken from other recipes we find online (the food blogs in my sidebar are all well worth checking out!). When we do get creative, I’m usually too lazy/absent-minded/messy-handed to take photos. But one morning this weekend, when heading back from “the Seven” (Thailand’s term of endearment for the 7/11s) with my bread, eggs, and coconut milk, I made a mental note that this would be my first venture into food blogdom.

The thing about my “Thai Toast” is that while I was imagining a pronounced tropical twist on an old favorite (coconut milk in the egg batter– this is actually a really nice milk substitute in everything I’ve tried it in, like cereal and pancakes; honey in place of impossible-to-find-maple-syrup), the end result ended up being… quite like the original “French” variety. I had considered slicing up some bananas to get all nice and seared and mushy atop the toast, but the laziness/absent-mindedness factor kicked in again. Might be worth a try, just to add some extra “Thai” flare.

First: Gather your ingredients. (Note: The bread I got here was really thin and flimsy, meaning I probably didn’t need to use 1:1 egg/bread slice ratio. I had lots of extra batter. And I didn’t really measure my ingredients either… call it a quarter cup of coconut milk, two tablespoons of sugar, and… a teaspoon-and-a-half of cinnamon?)

sliced bread, eggs, cinnamon, coconut milk, butter, sugar, and honey

 Second: Combine eggs, coconut milk, cinnamon, and sugar in a bowl. Mix with a fork.
Third: Melt some butter in a pan on medium heat. We are still in the process of getting our home goods together, and do not have a flat or non-stick pan. Hopefully you do, but if you’re in similar straits just make sure the butter gets spread around everywhere the egg will cook, otherwise you’ll have terrible stickage issues. While the butter’s melting toss some bread in your egg mixture. Let it really soak on both sides. When the magical crux of the pan being hot/butter being melted/bread being soaked occurs, toss one of them bad boys in the pan.

i mentioned earlier i had excess batter, so i went ahead and poured a little extra on top of the bread and let it spill over the sides.

Fourth: When you notice the egg around the edges of the bread (there will be lots of this if you use my ‘pour excess batter atop bread’ strategy) getting firm, it’s time to flip. Even if you were careful to spread your butter around to avoid sticking, you might run into issues if you have a pan even remotely as bad as ours. It’s best to run a spatula around the sides of the whole piece before attempting the actual flip. Flipping has always been a weak point with me so maybe I’m spending too much time on this. I don’t think I’m really cut out to be a food blogger.

Let it cook for about two minutes on the other side, remove from pan, and repeat steps three and four until all your bread has become French Thai toast.

last piece. lots of batter left over. thought i'd make a super-duper piece for wayne.

but... i told you i had flipping issues, right?

wayne can still have this one!

Fifth: Top your toast with honey (raw, organic if you can get it! And it’s rich stuff. A little goes a long way…), and keep away from dog.
 So… ta da! Thai Toast. Go home and give it a thrai.

(That was for you, Scotty O, but… too much?)

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