Thai Crash Course

Though I’m still far (far… far…) from being anything even moderately resembling close to fluent in Thai, in my year+ of being in the country I’ve picked up a few things here and there. I’ve chosen to put together these pages primarily to be helpful to anyone who might stumble upon them with the hopes of picking up a few of the Thai necessities, but also as a means of furthering my own learning. If you’re a native (or just better) speaker and you notice any errors please feel free to call them to my attention! I try to update every week (usually Mondays, though I’ve been slipping), so check in or subscribe (to my most recent blog, that is) for your weekly dose of Thai.

Part 1: 6 Useful Expressions
Part 2: 5 Useful Questions
Part 3: 7 Commonly Used Adjectives
Part 4: 5 Useful Verbs
Part 5: Numbers

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